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We are all spending more time at home at the moment and being advised to clean and wipe surfaces.  Whilst there are a great array of cleaning products available in local shops and supermarkets many of them have been based on existing natural cleaning products, all of which can be used to help with keeping our homes clean and germ-free.  You can easily mix up solutions yourself.

PROSPECTS has previously run activity sessions on natural cleaning so we are going to revisit this topic and post some Handy Hints and Tips. We all need to carry on protecting the environment during the ‘Stay at Home’ period.

To get you started visit Dri-pak.

This Clean & Natural range is made up of natural cleaning agents such as White Vinegar, Bicarbonate of Soda and Citric Acid ensuring every room in your home stays fresh and clean – naturally!

There are few tasks that can’t be tackled with Dri-Pak products, so you spend less buying different cleaners for different jobs and have much more room in the cupboard under the sink!

Dri-Pak is committed to using sustainable ingredients in its products and make packaging decisions on a balance of practicality and ‘whole life’impact. They  also have a policy on animal testing and products.

I am able to buy these products at small local discount stores and local supermarkets.  In each of the Handy Hints and Tips I will tell you what I use the products for.  Barbara, Activity Organiser, at PROSPECTS.














Handy Hints & Tips
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