March 2024 Overview at Peel Park & the Coppice LNR

Spring has brought with it the usual perks, bees, flowers, and milder – albeit still very wet – weather! March is the final month before nesting season when we can remove scrub on the heathland, so we spent a lot of time bringing down colonising Silver Birch for the benefit of Heather, Bilberry, Crowberry, and […]

February 2024 Overview at Peel Park & the Coppice LNR

We have have been a lot busier on the Coppice this month thanks to the milder weather. During February half term, our very own TreeACTION project hosted a session on the site to plant a new Alder Buckthorn hedgerow to attract the Brimstone Butterfly. We also had help from the North Lancs Training Group hospitality […]

January 2024 Overview at Peel Park & the Coppice LNR

The Coppice was not as busy as usual this month with bank holidays and frozen weather slowing down work. Particularly the week of the 15th was very snowy and icy which lead to some sessions being cancelled due to safety concerns. We made up for it other sessions where we continued to clear scrub in […]

Habitat Boxes at Peel Park & the Coppice LNR

Lots of cosy new homes for birds & bats as well as comfy seats at Peel Park & the Coppice LNR! In autumn 2023, WOODY C.I.C. created and installed 30 bird boxes and 10 bat boxes across the site. A variety of different openings for the bird boxes were made so that they will benefit […]

Over 700 Trees Planted by the Community

This year’s National Tree Week (NTW) was celebrated by dedicated volunteers from across Hyndburn by helping to plant 720 trees at designated sites in Accrington and Oswaldtwistle. A series of four community tree planting sessions were held from Sunday 26th to Wednesday 29th November, facilitated by the PROSPECTS Foundation. In honour of the 50th anniversary […]

Peel Park Pollinator Survey Results 2023

Throughout the year, PROSPECTS has been carrying out pollinator surveys on Peel Park and the Coppice LNR. Measuring the abundance and distribution of species is vitally important for monitoring species health, climate change, and the effectiveness of conservation actions. Nationally, surveys provide data which allows climate scientists, conservationists, and insect experts to get a greater […]

Dead Hedges and Brash Piles – Peel Park and the Coppice LNR

Dead hedges and brash piles are constructed using twigs, branches and other cut vegetation. They form an invaluable habitat for a plethora of species. Invertebrates like insects, woodlouse and arachnids will use the piles to live in and nest. Some important pollinators like solitary bees will use hollow twigs to create their nests. Small mammals […]

Invasive Non-Native Species – Japanese Knotweed – Peel Park and the Coppice LNR

Like many Invasive Non-native Species in the UK, Japanese Knotweed was introduced by Victorian botanists as an ornamental garden plant. Sometimes called “Japanese Bamboo,” due to the visual similarites of its stems, but it’s shield-shaped leaves and purple speckled stems give it a striking appearance. The small white flowers that it produces in summer are mostly […]

Hyndburn’s Woodlands NOW LIVE!

The PROSPECTS Foundation is pleased to announce that the ‘Hyndburn’s Woodlands’ website is now live! The website can be found here: The website aims to be a resource to map, assess and manage the woodland cover in Hyndburn, with information including; condition assessments, timber volume surveys and Ash Dieback monitoring. The website will also […]

Pleck Meadow Path Opening with Mayor of Hyndburn, Cllr Abdul Khan!

On 17th March 2023, a year of planning and development finally came to fruition as the new path and bridge to Pleck Meadow were finally completed! Local schools and members of the public came for an opening walk and witnessed the Mayor of Hyndburn, Cllr Abdul Khan, perform a ribbon cutting on the new bridge […]

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