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Engaging local people in planting trees, regenerating existing woodlands and taking climate action.

Community TreeACTION Project

As part of a local climate emergency action programme, The PROSPECTS Foundation and Hyndburn Borough Council have planned a programme to engage local people in planting trees and regenerating existing woodlands in Hyndburn.   The project is called Community TreeACTION.

Tree planting and woodland regeneration will primarily take place on Hyndburn Borough Council owned land.  There will be a diverse range of sites in terms of size and setting but most will be in or adjoining urban areas.  At least 15,000 trees will be planted as part of the project.  Complementary habitat enhancements, site improvements and the promotion of natural tree regeneration, particularly in areas affected by Ash dieback, will be a key part of the project.   Through community consultations, the Community TreeACTION Officer will encourage local people to get involved with the project and engage in decisions about the use and management of the land.

As well as increasing tree cover, raising awareness of climate change is a key focus of this project.  Through talks, events and training sessions, the project will help local people to learn more about the causes of climate change and inspire local people to take action in their daily lives to tackle the climate emergency.

This project is a direct result of Hyndburn Borough Council’s Climate Emergency Declaration in September 2019 and is seen as one of the key projects where local people can help to reduce emissions within the borough.

The Community TreeACTION project started in July 2023.

Get involved

If you would like to volunteer with this project please contact the Community TreeACTION Officer, Helen Earnshaw.  Email: or call (01254) 230348.

Project partners and funding

The project is funded by Hyndburn Borough Council and the Windfall Fund.

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