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This project is about helping everyone to learn about and enjoy the natural environment whilst also raising awareness about climate change

We are passionate about passing on our knowledge about the great outdoors! Our aim is to enthuse and educate people about the natural environment. We want everyone to understand -

  • why we should cherish it
  • how we can enjoy it
  • how we can protect it
  • what it can do for us

We will be providing outdoor learning opportunities encompassing all aspects of environmental sustainability. We will be working with schools, families, community groups and individuals to help people develop a lifelong relationship with the environment.

All our activities will be carried out within the context of how the environment is impacted by climate change and what actions we can take to mitigate these effects. So as well as raising environmental awareness we will also be -

  • raising awareness of climate change
  • promoting positive personal and community level behaviour change to minimise our contribution towards it
  • organising practical activities to help remediate it's impact on our environment

So, if you'd like to find out more get in touch with our Outdoor Learning Officer, Sonja Bottomer, on 01254 230348 or email sonja.bottomer@prospectsfoundation.org.uk


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