PROSPECTS Achievements over the last 21 Years

Volunteer Time

To date, PROSPECTS has recorded 89,960 hours of volunteer time, by over 6,000 volunteers, with an economic value of £67,700.  This is of course an underestimate, with much volunteer activity not being recorded and does not include the social enterprises.

Economic Contribution

In the first 15 years of operation the economic contribution of the work of PROSPECTS, in terms of income generated, was in the order of £12 million.  This is broken down as follows; -

  • The PROSPECTS Foundation charity has, to date, brought in £2.8 million of grant funding to Hyndburn;
  • An additional £2.5 milllion has been brought in by social enterprises;
  • As an approximation, £2 million additional grant funding has been secured by partners of these projects;
  • Recorded volunteer time has been valued at £674,700;
  • The Windfall Fund has been secured for an expected £4.2 million over its lifetime;
  • The economic value of environmental improvements to hundreds of sites resulting from volunteer effort has not been included due to the difficulty of estimating.

21st Anniversary Celebration Event

We recently celebrated our 21st anniversary and it was a huge success!!

More than 12 different activities were on offer in Accrington Town Square on Saturday 7th September demonstrating everything environmental.
Visitors were able to discover live invertebrates, make a smoothie using pedal power, learn about butterflies and how to attract them to their gardens, make bug hotels, take a virtual cruise down the canal, try out adapted bikes and much more.
The sun was shining and there was live entertainment too which drew in the crowds!
Lots of people found out about PROSPECTS and the volunteering opportunities we can offer - watch out for our next event and come and join the fun!'
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