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Our Theme of Sustainable Transport is all about encouraging walking and cycling.

Our theme of sustainable transport is all about encouraging walking and cycling and recognising the additional health benefits of increased physical activity. Walking and cycling are great ways to get out and about and find out about your local environment. Leaving your vehicle at home cuts down on greenhouse gas (carbon) emissions and therefore reduces global climate change; reduces air pollutants; reduces noise and congestion and improves your ecological footprint. Walking and cycling also increases your fitness levels and improves a sense of wellbeing.

Cycling is a great way to experience the countryside and enjoy the outdoors. The feeling of freedom and closeness to nature is hugely beneficial to people’s wellbeing as well as the obvious health and fitness benefits of riding a bike.

We have  2 electric bikes available for community use. Our bikes are a community resource and we want them to be used by as many people as possible.

We want people to be able to use the bikes in a number of different ways and for a number of different reasons including: -

  • encouraging people to get back into cycling to improve health and wellbeing
  • to try out the practicalities of finding a safe cycle route to work as a means of sustainable transport
  • to discover the great cycleways, including the canal towpaths, available in Hyndburn
  • for people to try before they buy
  • encourage the idea that not all journeys have to be made by car
  • to help people join cycle groups and engage in activities to help build confidence on a bike
  • to reduce carbon emissions and pollution
  • to have fun!

To ensure the bikes are lent to people who will take care of them and use them for the agreed purposes we have a buddy/sponsor arrangement in place whereby the potential borrower is vouched for by a partner group or organisation who will verify the person and the reason for wanting the bike. The arrangement has to be booked in advance and the borrower will be able to borrow a helmet if they don’t have one of their own.

We want the bikes to be available for anybody who genuinely wants to give cycling a go for whatever reason, whether that is for

  • improved fitness
  • improved wellbeing
  • a lifestyle change
  • to spend more time
  •  with the kids 
  • as a cheaper alternative to car/pubic transport

For more information contact:

You can also purchase a cheap, recycled cycle from Active Cycles in Accrington Arndale Centre.  Adult bikes cost £50 and children's bikes £25.  To swop a bike it costs £10.

Be a Climate Change Cyclist

Our 2 electric bikes were purchased with a grant from Lancashire County Council via Connecting East Lancashire for the purpose of inspiring people to reduce their carbon footprint and to promote the use of sustainable transport. The bikes are great because they are easy to charge, just plug into a regular socket; they don't create emissions and the batteries can be recycled too so they don't pose a threat to the environment; they are equipped with pedal assist, so no more struggling uphill; and it's great exercise!

If you want to borrow one of the bikes to try out a route to work or to see if it might inspire you to start cycling (basic training will be given) then get in touch

There are lots of ways to get out and about cycling in Hyndburn. See below for a variety of cycle routes in Hyndburn and beyond:
For information on other cycling initiatives please see the following links:
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