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A 12-month project to help community groups in Hyndburn reduce the carbon footprint of their buildings.

Thanks to funding from Electricity North West's 'Powering Our Communities' Fund and the Windfall Fund, we have an exciting new 12-month project to help community buildings in Hyndburn lower their carbon footprint.

Our Low Carbon Community Buildings Officer, Stephen Hutchinson, will work with local community organisations to help them reduce their building's carbon emissions and take action against climate change.   By improving the energy efficiency of their buildings, community organisations in Hyndburn will reduce their energy costs, helping them to become more financially sustainable, meaning they can continue to provide valuable services and support to local people.  Their buildings will also be warmer, providing a more welcoming space for users.

Community groups will be supported to obtain an energy audit of their buildings, as well as apply for funding for energy efficiency and renewable energy measures.

Stephen will also be running carbon literacy and energy efficiency training sessions with community groups.

To find out more about this project, contact stephen.hutchinson@prospectsfoundation.org.uk or call (01254) 230348.

This programme has kindly been funded by:

Electricity North West - Powering Our Communities Fund
Windfall Fund
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