Our Mission and Values


To be the key movement in Hyndburn for environmental sustainability and to use our collective knowledge, skills, work and experience to secure this for current and future generations


  • We value our environment, both local and global and respect its uniqueness and fragility.
  • We are committed to the principle of environmental sustainability.
  • We act as a catalyst for positive environmental change.
  • We believe in working collaboratively for our environment.
  • We believe that local people acting in their own right or collectively can reduce their carbon footprints by changing their behavior and practices.
  • We are a people based organisation which is rooted in local communities.
  • We seek to work for the benefit of all communities both present and future.
  • We believe everyone has a positive contribution to make and we are committed to equality of opportunity for all.
  • We believe that a green environment and active participation can contribute to improved mental health and wellbeing
  • We work ethically.
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