Handy Hints and Tips – Article 2


Why soap for hand washing?  Here is a useful hand-washing link.


Click on  the Handwashing poster for more information 

and more information on NHS handwashing HERE

Now some product links… because we want to help protect you and the environment.

METHOD – Here is a range of natural products for hand washing

Here is a glossary of terms that often confuse us including CRADLE TO CRADLE®: NATURAL: and NATURALLY DERIVED:

ECOVER – Here is a company you will be familiar with and their online shop in case you are self-isolating and not going out.

ONE PLANET shop, Accrington.  The One Planet shop is a community benefit co-operative formed and funded by a group of volunteers. Their high street outlet offers a range of Local, Innovative, Fairtrade, Ethical, and sustainable products enabling you to shop with your conscience.  As of 26th March they have adapted their opening hours to Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 11am to 2pm.  Facebook

BIG GREEN SMILE  offers a wide range of organic lifestyle products including natural and organic bath and skincare; and household products.  This is online shopping and they are open as usual, but orders are taking longer to despatch.

Watch Out for Article 3 coming soon…

Handy Hints and Tips – Article 2
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