As part of our Heritage Lottery Funded project to designate two new Local Nature Reserves in Hyndburn, Prospects in partnership with Pendle Forest Orienteering Club and Hyndburn Borough Council established a new orienteering course in Peel Park, Accrington. The original course only had 13 stations and covered just Peel Park and The Coppice area. The new course has been developed using these original stations but also adding a further 13 so that the course now has 26 stations and as well as Peel Park and The Coppice also covers the Arden Hall and Plantation Road areas, thereby covering the whole of the Local Nature Reserve site. George Crawford-Smith from Pendle Orienteering Club, who designed the new course, said, "Pendle Forest Orienteers (PFO) have used Peel Park and The Coppice for orienteering competitions for many years and have drawn and updated a very detailed map of the area. There is a wide variety of terrain: parkland, forest, open moorlands, ponds, ruins and unusual contour features. We have designed a permanent orienteering course (POC) for use by the general public and local activity groups. There are 26 marker-posts to find and 4 suggested courses for all ages and abilities, ranging from very easy (following paths) to very hard (direct line compass navigation). Alternatively, you can create your own circuit or find all the controls, which will take you to parts of the area you may never have visited before!".

To download the map and suggested routes click this link : Orienteering Sheet

To see more details of the course and information on Pendle Orienteering Club click this link: Pendle Forest Orienteers

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