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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Windfall Fund?
The Windfall Fund is a community benefit fund established from the proceeds of the new wind farm on Oswaldtwistle Moor. The Fund is being provided by EnergieKontor, the wind farm developer and managed by the PROSPECTS Foundation on their behalf.

How long will the Fund be around for?
The Windfall Fund will be available for the lifetime of the wind farm. What is The PROSPECTS Foundation? The PROSPECTS Foundation is a community owned local charity working for lasting environmental change in Hyndburn. It was established in 1998 and is governed by an elected Management Commitee. As well as developing and administering the Windfall Fund, the PROSPECTS Foundation works with community groups across Hyndburn Borough providing practical assistance to develop projects, training courses, environmental awareness raising events and supports a network of volunteers through area based PROSPECTS panels.

What is the Fund for?
The Fund is for sustainable environmental projects within Hyndburn which will improve the quality of life of local residents and improve the environment of the Borough.

Who can apply?
Any ‘Not for Profit’ organisation based in Hyndburn. This includes community groups, voluntary organisations, social enterprises, cooperatives, charities and community interest companies. Individuals, statutory organisations such as the Local Authority, schools, Police etc. are not eligible to apply for the Windfall Fund.  However groups such as ‘Friends of’, ‘PTAs’ etc. can apply.

Do we have to be a constituted group?
Yes, your group/organisation has to have a governing document/set of rules to be eligible to apply for the Fund. Usually this would be a constitution or Memorandum and Articles of Association and would state as a minimum the name of the organisation, aims/purpose, objects and a dissolution clause. It is quite easy to prepare a constitution and we can advise you where you can get help with this.

Do we have to have our own bank account?
Yes, your group/organisation has to have it’s own bank or building society account with two account signatories. Grant payments will not be made to individuals. We can advise you on how you can get help to set up an account.

What sort of projects can we apply for?
Projects have to benefit and have the support of the local community and fit under one of the following six themes: Improving biodiversity and wildlife habitats; Increasing waste minimisation and recycling; Encouraging greater use of sustainable transport; Promoting energy conservation and the use of renewables; Increasing the production of locally grown food; Raising awareness of sustainable development issues.

How much can we apply for?
Mini projects are available up to £1,000, for small projects the minimum is £1,001 and the maximum is £5,000. For large projects the minimum is £5,001.

When do we have to carry out the work?
Mini grants are usually awarded within 2 weeks and should be spent within a few weeks or months. For small projects you have 12 months from the date the grant is awarded in which to spend your grant. Larger projects may take place over a number of years.

What if there are unseen difficulties and we cannot complete the project within the time specified?
It is important to keep the PROSPECTS Foundation updated on progress with your project. We understand that sometimes things don’t go as planned and we will always try and help you to resolve any problems that arise. The PROSPECTS Foundation, however, reserves the right to claim back any funding given if the project can’t be carried out within the timescale specified and attempts to rectify the situation are not successful.

When do we have to submit our application – is there a closing date?
There is no closing date for Mini grants and these can be applied for at any time. For small and large grants the deadlines are 31 March, 31 July and 30 November each year.

How will my application be assessed?
As applications are received by the PROSPECTS Foundation they will be checked to ensure they fit the basic criteria and that all supporting documentation has been received. If further information is required then your group will be contacted and advised what to do. All fully completed Small and Large applications received by a closing date will be assessed at a grants panel meeting. At that meeting all projects will be assessed against set criteria which take account of the following: - value for money - benefit to the community - benefit to the environment - realistic timetable - long term maintenance - clear fit with at least one of the identified themes - level of participation by local people. The grants panel will reach a decision on which projects will receive funding and their decision is final. All fully completed Mini applications will be assessed internally and we aim to give decisions within 2 weeks. The amount of money available in the Windfall Fund is limited so unfortunately not all applications will be successful. Please note, only fully competed applications will be assessed.

Will I receive feedback if my application is unsuccessful?
Yes, we will always provide feedback on unsuccessful applications and offer advice on whether or not to re-apply.

How long will we have to wait before we know whether our application has been successful or not?
We will aim to let everybody know the outcome of their Small or Large application within 6 weeks of the closing date. Groups applying for a Mini grant will usually hear the outcome within 2 weeks.

Will we have to provide monitoring information?
Yes, you will have to provide certain information at the end of your project to demonstrate exactly how you have spent the money and what you have achieved. We will provide more details and a form for you to complete at the appropriate time.

What extra information do we have to provide along with the application form?
You need to submit the following with your application form: A copy of your constitution/set of rules/Memorandum & Articles of Association; A copy of your most recent annual accounts or statement of income and expenditure and your latest bank statement; Evidence of support for the project from the local community; Written estimates for any individual item in your budget costing more than £250; Evidence of where the rest of the money for the project will be coming from and whether that money has been secured; A letter of approval from the landowner if you do not own the land where the activity is going to take place; Details of any previous grant you have received from the Windfall Fund.

Can we include VAT in our application?
Only VAT that you can’t reclaim can be included in your application.

Where can we get help filling in the form?
There are detailed guidance notes available to accompany the application form which explain what information is required for each section of the form. If you require further support and help filling in the application form please contact us and we can put you in touch with organisations that can help. If you just require more detailed advice and guidance on the scheme in general please don’t hesitate to contact the Windfall Fund Co-ordinator at the PROSPECTS Foundation, email

Do we need insurance for our project?
Every activity funded by the Windfall Fund must be covered by insurance. In most cases this would be public liability insurance. It is your responsibility to ensure you have adequate insurance in place for your group and your proposed project. Public liability insurance is an eligible item that can be included in an application.

Can we apply for more than one project?
Normally only one project at a time can be funded by the Windfall Fund. If you have completed one project and submitted satisfactory monitoring information then you would be eligible to apply for another project. If you do have an idea for another project, however, it would be advisable to contact the Windfall Fund Co-ordinator for further advice.

What happens if we don’t own the land where our project is to take place?
If your group does not own the land where the funded activity is going to take place then you must get permission from the landowner before you submit your application form and send evidence of the permission with your application. If the land is leased or managed under an agreement you must supply the details of all parties involved.

Do we have to promote our project?
Yes, even though raising environmental awareness is one of the six themes it is still expected that all projects will be promoted and groups will carry out some environmental awareness activities as part of the funded project. You will need to supply evidence of how you have achieved this when you submit your monitoring and evaluation information at the end of your project. The PROSPECTS Foundation and EnergieKontor must be acknowledged on all promotional and publicity material produced.

Where can we get copies of the relevant logos to use on publicity material?
Copies of the PROSPECTS Foundation logo and the EnergieKontor logo are available by contacting the Windfall Fund Co-ordinator at the PROSPECTS Foundation.

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