Canal Towpath Volunteering

Have you enjoyed walking along the canal towpath?  Have you thought about becoming a volunteer?  Why not join the Hyndburn Volunteer Work-party.

May 2019 saw the start of PROSPECTS renewed partnership with the Canal & River Trust (C&RT).  We achieved a lot but Covid-19 has slowed things down and there will be a lot to do when we start volunteering again.

The Canal & River Trust are managing a phased return to volunteering.  In July, the volunteer lockkeepers returned to allow the movement of traffic along the canals.

The volunteer taskforces and work-parties have not yet returned, and this is not likely to happen before August.

If you wish to return to or to start volunteering on the Leeds-Liverpool canal there will be strict controls in place.  You need to make a start now.  Firstly, read the Volunteer information.  Then register to MyTrust.  You will then be able to LogIn.  This will give you access to MyVolunteeering.  Here you will find information specifically for Trust volunteers including health& safety, training, claiming expenses and more.

In preparation for returning or to start volunteering you will need to visit the Training Courses page and watch the Toolbox Talk on coronavirus.  You will not be able to volunteer until you have watched and claimed this training session.  There are a lot more training courses you can work through to prepare for volunteering with the Hyndburn volunteer work-party and this will also help you understand more about the C&RT.

Canal Volunteers 

Peel Bank March 2020

Canal Towpath Volunteering
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