Safe Cycling in Hyndburn

Our Theme of ‘Sustainable Transport’ is all about encouraging walking and cycling and recognising the additional health benefits of increased physical activity.

Cycling UK are asking people to use the new interactive map: show your council where pop-up lanes are needed. Click on the link below.

Show your council where you need safe space for social distancing in ACCRINGTON and Hyndburn

Since March, over 11,000 people have written to their council to ask for pop up cycle lanes and widened pavements: and now at least 60 councils have begun installing or planning these measures.

But with the roads and public transport getting busier again, much more must be done to ensure we lock in the boost in cycling we’ve seen throughout lockdown.

There are three simple things you can do to help turn this great start into a nationwide transformation, and to make sure change happens in the Hyndburn area.

Once you’ve added your ideas, share the map amongst your local community, social media – not everyone will agree with every suggestion, but the greater the engagement, the stronger impression the most popular suggestions will have on our council.

Go to our Cycling section to find out more…


Safe Cycling in Hyndburn
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