First Memorial Park Session

On Wednesday 15th November we had the first Memorial Park volunteering session! Volunteers used hand tools to cut back and fell Rhododendron and Cherry Laurel shrubs to improve the biodiversity value of Roundwood! The team made a tremendous start! Around 6 shrubs were cleared with the arisings being moved closer to the road for later collection.

Now that the initial ‘break in’ has been completed more of the woodland has been opened up for future sessions, making it easier for more of the non-native shrubs to be removed.

Rhododendrons put a type of poison in the ground which eliminates other plants thereby reducing competition, promoting it’s own growth. Cherry Laurel produces a fruit which while toxic to humans, is edible for some birds, meaning they can spread easily around the neighbouring sites via seed dispersal.

PROSPECTS would like to thank everyone who attended the first session! Your work is greatly appreciated and we look forward to seeing you in future sessions, full details are available on our events calendar, or to find out more email

First Memorial Park Session
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