Seed Growing Information

Growing tips (get it?)

To help you make the most of your packs below are a few guides, tips, video links and advice about how to grow veg from the seeds you’ve received.

Idle Women Guides
These are simply fantastic and have been made especially for this project and your packs.  Simply click on the link below and the PDF’s will open in a new tab on your browser.  Idle Women on Facebook – please have a look and pass on your support if you can via social media.

Simply click on the images above to open them.  They are also listed below if you want to do that instead!

Windowsill pack growing guide
How to grow sprouting seeds on paper or tissue
How to grow sprouting seeds in a jam jar
How to grow using containers
Some recipe tips!

Garden Organic
Garden Organic is a charity based at Ryton near Coventry and they quite simply are experts in growing!  Their website is filled with tips, research and guides on how to grow organically.  Well worth a visit in person as well!
Below are some guides on how to grow some of the veg in your packs.  Simply click on the link to open a PDF guide in a separate tab.

Windowsill & micro-veg Pack seeds
Alfalfa & Cress          Mint          Coriander          Salad Onion          Salad Leaves          Peas          Radish          Chard

Gardener’s / Allotment Pack Seeds
This pack contains all the above seeds plus:
Spinach          Kale          Cabbage          Broccoli          Courgette          Summer Squash          Potatoes

For other information on how to ‘grow your own’ please see the following links below
Hyndburn & Ribble Valley CVS – How to sow your seeds (a 4:50 minute Youtube video)
Gardener’s World – How to sow seeds indoor (external website video)
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