Winter Bird Pebble Walk

Winter Bird Pebble Walk

Learn about our visiting winter birds as you explore Peel Park and the Coppice Local Nature Reserve with our Winter Bird Pebble Walk.  Get out of the house during the school holidays and stay safe in your Covid bubble.  This circular route around Peel Park and the Coppice takes around an hour and is suitable for all ages.  Whilst following the walk, hunt for the nine pebbles painted with birds that visit British woodlands in winter.  Be sure to tag us on social media with any pictures you take during the walk - Facebook: @ProspectsFoundation and Twitter: @Prospects1998  Scroll down to see the route map, how to keep safe during the walk and for more information about the birds featured on our pebbles.

Useful Links
In these trying times, everyone is worried.  We've created risk assessments for the pebble walk and Covid-19 to outline all the possible hazards you could come across during the pebble walk and how to avoid them.  You can view the risk assessments through the links below.  We recommend you read the RAMS (link below), this is a reader friendly version of the Risk Assessments.  By taking part in the Winter Bird Pebble Walk, you are agreeing to follow the "Control Measures" outlined in the RAMS.

The route for the Winter Bird Pebble Walk begins at the Avenue Parade entrance to Peel Park.  The walk takes around an hour, although there are some steeper sections some people may struggle with so allow extra time.

Winter Visitors
Thousands of birds visit Britain each winter to escape the cold, icy weather of countries further North and East, some birds travel up to 800miles!  The arrival of winter migrant birds is less dramatic than the arrival of summer migrants; winter migrants arrive in dribs and drabs depending on the weather and food availability in their home countries.  Winter visitors start arriving from autumn, the best time to see them is from October onwards.

Who is visiting?



  • For more information on these amazing birds, check out the RSPB's website here

The Winter Bird Pebble Walk was organised by the Prospects Foundation's Outdoor Learning Officer Danielle.  Danielle is working to help the people of Hyndburn connect with nature and learn about Climate Change.  For more information about the Outdoor Learning Project and future events, click here.  Danielle would love to hear about your experience of the Winter Bird Pebble walk, please direct your comments and photos to Facebook: @ProspectsFoundation and Twitter: @Prospects1998

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