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We aim to raise awareness of local and global environmental issues in all our work here at PROSPECTS

We try to embed raising awareness of global and local environmental issues into all of our work at PROSPECTS. Environmental Awareness is  one of our 6 core 'Themes of Sustainability' but is also incorporated into all our projects and under our other 5 Themes as well.

It involves promoting the work of PROSPECTS through information leaflets, social media, our monthly What’s On/Newsletter, workshops, activities, displays and celebration events.

We regularly run workshops and events covering topics such as improving biodiversity, helping bees, butterflies and other wildlife, traditional crafts such as basket weaving & rug making plus environmental education sessions.  We also offer AQA Unit Award Scheme Certificates through most of our workshops.

We also try and tie in our activities with national campaigns where possible such as RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch, BBC Springwatch and certain Wildlife Weeks.

We also promote Environmental Awareness by encouraging more cycling and walking and put on a range of activities to help people get out and about in the countryside near where they live. Currently we are running a series of short walks across Hyndburn and linking in with the Hyndburn Pedal Away Project to get more people cycling.

If you want to get involved then please contact PROSPECTS on 01254 230348 or
email info@prospectsfoundation.org.uk

Local Walkers
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