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Growing Together Leaflet
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If you're interested, please e-mail us at stating your name, address and a contact phone number and we will contact you to arrange delivery via volunmteers from the Hyndburn Hub.  Please state whether you want a windowsill or an allotment pack.

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Growing Together is a food growing initiative set up by Hyndburn Borough Council and Prospects Foundation to encourage people to grow salads, herbs and fresh produce on windowsills, garden and allotments. It has come about as part of a wider response to the Coronavirus crisis to help people stay healthy, improve mental wellbeing, learn new skills and be part of a wider community. It is suitable for people of any age including families, older people and children.

It’s bringing together an amazing collective effort, based on the understanding of how growing can be helpful for people in so many ways. There is great enthusiasm from everyone to work together on something meaningful in the current situation. Along with Prospects Foundation and Hyndburn Borough Council involvement so far includes the Hyndburn Hub, Hyndburn & Ribble Valley CVS, St. Christopher’s School, Idle Women, Accrington and Rossendale College, Onward Homes and several community groups including Sandy Lane Gardening Group, Incredible Edibles Accrington, Friends of Rhyddings Park and some of the allotment community too.
There are packs, one with pots, seeds and compost to grow on a windowsill, the other will contain pots, seeds and compost for the windowsill and to grow in the garden/allotment:

Simple / Windowsill / Micro-veg pack (Seed growing information)

The pack contains:
  • A selection of seeds (see below)
  • Seed trays and 2 x coloured pots (made from recycled plastic and can be washed and re-used many times)
  • 3 x litres of compost (peat-free, organic certified. Add 2 cups of water and mix in well before putting in pots)
  • 1 x large white paper carry bag (this could be re-used for craft activities, drawing or painting)
  • Guidance notes (with more hints and tips for how to grow,cook and enjoy these tasty foods)
All of these seeds will grow on a sunny windowsill , with quick results and great in a salad or on a butty!
  • Alfalfa – For sprouting in a jam jar or glass. Put a handful of seeds into a sieve and wash with clean water. Put the seeds in a clean jam jar or glass, cover with a piece of cloth held on with a rubber band or string. Wash with clean water every day. Wash the sprouts with clean water after about 4 days and eat, they taste a bit like peas!
  • Cress - Sprinkle on damp tissue paper or a tray of compost until they look like seeds on a seedy bun. Water to keep he tissue paper/compost damp and cut with scissors after around 5 days, wash and eat!
  • Peas (possibly one of the quickest crops to harvest as peas shoots and then sow in succession)
  • Rainbow chard & Rainbow radish - Can be grown and eaten similar to cress above as micro greens, or sprinkled in a seed tray and grown as salad leaves below.
  • Baby Salad leaves – (to cut and come again) - Use a larger tray or container with plenty of compost. Sow seeds over the cpmpost and water. Touch the compost every day to check that it's slightly damp. If compost is dry, add a little water. Cut the leaves with scissors and wash as and when you want to eat them from around 4 weeks.
  • Coriander – Can be grown like cress or baby salad leaves as above. If it bolts, the green seeds are delicious.
  • Mint – Can be grown like cress or baby salad leaves as above
  • Salad onion - Use a larger pot/tray full of compost and eat the green leaves like the baby salad above or allow to grow larger and harvest as a spring onion. Remember to check every day for watering.
And for something a bit different:
Sunflower ‘Big Smile’ – a few seeds to cheer people up!  This is a pot plant variety so should be suitable for windowsills. Put one seed seed per pot on the compost and sprinkle compost over the seed to cover it. remember to water it. Can also b transplanted into the garden or containers outside.

Gardener's / Allotment Pack (Seed growing information)

The pack contains everything listed above, PLUS:
  • A selection of seeds for outdoor growing
  • Seed trays (made from recycled plastic and can be washed and re-used many times)
  • Another 3 x litres of compost (peat free, organic certified, add 2 cups of water and mix in well before use)
  • 1 x large white paper carry bag (this could be re-used for craft activities, drawing or painting)
  • Guidance notes
The following seeds can be grown in a sunny back yard, garden or allotment. You can also grow them in large containers or re-use something like a 'bag for life'.
Spinach, Kale and Summer greens (cabbage) – All of these can be grown in a seed tray on a windowsill to harvest for a quick crop of tasty young leaves, or can be sown outside in prepared soil for crops in the summer and autumn. Eat in stir-fry's, soups, or simply as a nice veg alongside any meal you fancy.
Broccoli, Courgette and Summer squash (patty pan) - Start off in modules and plant out when sturdy, or sow directly outside in prepared soil.
Seed potatoes - Plant as soon as possible. Keep the little sprouty bits upwards (known as 'chits') - your new potato plants will grow from these.  Though a bit later than usual, there is still enough time to grow some tasty spuds.

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