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Hyndburn, a 'Fairtrade Borough'

What does Fairtrade mean?

Fairtrade guarantees the producer in the developing world a 'fair price' for their products.


How does Fairtrade work?

Any products that are marked with the Fairtrade logo (a person waving) have been certified as Fairtrade by the UK's governing body, the Fairtrade Foundation. This means that the price paid to the producer covers the costs of production and also includes a small premium that is then paid to an elected committee in the village. This 'premium fund' is then used by the committee to help pay for social projects such as building schools, clinics and community centres, installing electricity, providing clean water etc.

How can you be sure products are Fairtrade?

Simply look out for the Fairtrade logo (a person waving). If it has the logo then it's been certified as Fairtrade by the Fairtrade Foundation.

What Fairtrade products are available?

The range of Fairtrade products is growing all the time. Examples include tea, coffee, wine, chocolate, biscuits, bananas, juice, sugar, honey, rice, footballs etc.

Where can I buy Fairtrade products in Hyndburn?

See the Fairtrade outlets in Hyndburn by clicking here.

How can I find out more about Fairtrade?

Visit the Fairtrade Foundation's website at:

How can I help?

The simplest way you can help is to look out for the Fairtrade mark when you go shopping. Also, if your local shop or café doesn't sell any Fairtrade goods, ask them if they can start!

Hyndburn Fairtrade Group is made up of residents who are actively trying to raise awareness of Fairtrade issues throughout the borough. The group also wants to encourage more local shops, cafes, businesses, schools, churches etc to use or supply Fairtrade marked products.

If you would like to help the group please contact Mike Stapleford of the local Hyndburn Fairtrade Group on 01254 230348 Extension 205.

'By simply changing your brand of tea or coffee you can help change someone's life for the better!'