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Green Cottage



 Andy Hunt, Sustainability Manager at Trafford Council, has converted his ordinary Victorian terraced house in Bury to an 'Eco-House'.

 The house has been featured in the 'Permaculture' magazine.

 Read on and view the pictures to see how Andy made the transformation and you might be able to pick up some steps towards making your own house more environmentally friendly.

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              Andy Hunts house      Hudson St, Bury    Andy's car

   The house has had its very own 'Smart Plug' installed which is mainly for the desktop computer but also switches off all peripherals when they are not in use. Remote control powered sockets also ensure that no appliances are left switched on when not needed. With no television set, instead using a TV card with a laptop computer and also able to play music when connected to hi-fi amplifier and speakers via cables means no extra plugs and power sources are needed within the house.

Also reducing the cost of light energy, Andy has introduced his family to using desk lamps and spotlights that use CFLs and LEDs. By not using the 'big light' Andy is saving a lot of electricity.

                    LED Light     Induction Hob for 'quick boils'    Kettle                   

 All kitchen applicances (rated triple a) are on the setting of 'eco' and all the green energy supplied to the house comes from the Good Energy company.

Fitted to the outside of the house are a series of solar energy panels and solar photo voltaics. The house boiler is also fitted with a 'hot water jacket' to ensure no heat escapes from it. This boiler is heated from a clean-wood burning stove and heats up the radiators in the house just like a normal gas boiler would.

  Solar panels being installed  Solar panels being installed   Solar panels after instalation    

Wood for fire   Wood burning fire   Boiler with hot water jacket 


The back garden is fully equipped where, of course, Andy can grow his own fruit and veg.

Veg plot  Pond  Home grown veg 

  Home grown veg   Home grown potatos   Home grown fruit 


Other photos from in and outside the house...

Affordable solar power  Affordable solar power Power cut proofing

The bathroom  The bathroom  Compost storage