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Children's Competition

Children's Improving Hyndburn's Wildlife Competion

Open to residents of Hyndburn ONLY please! Registration Form BELOW


Create a 3D model of an animal, insect, bird, amphibian that you might find in a garden or backyard in Hyndburn.  Use recycled materials and include an A5 sheet with a bit of information about your creature to educate others about the benefits of having the creature in your garden or backyard and include a photograph of yourself creating your model or the finished model.


Create a wildlife garden poster - make it as creative as you like but you have to educate others about general garden wildlife, one species of wildlife or ideas of things people can do in their gardens to attract wildlife.  Include drawings and/or photographs but they must be original and not copied from a book or the internet!  You can include a photograph of yourself!  You could also try a 'scrapbook style page or collage'! No larger than A4 or 12 x 12 scrapbook paper/card and use as much recycled things as possible not new.


Create a 3D wildlife garden in a seed tray – maximum size is the standard overall tray size of 230mm x 375mm.  Try and use a recycled seed tray and other recycled materials. Include a few wildlife habitats and feeders not just one! Include an A4 information sheet about your design what it includes and why it is the perfect wildlife garden or backyard garden area.


Be original – no images or films downloaded from the Internet.  It must be your original work and not subject to copyright. 

Get others to photograph you or film you creating your creature, poster, wildlife garden or PowerPoint presentation so we can see you in your competition entry!

Rope in the rest of the family to record your hard work…


Things you might want to think about and information you might include could be:–

  • The name of the wildlife creature
  • What size the wildlife creature is in real life
  • What they eat and how you can feed them
  • What eats them
  • Where they live
  • How does it defend itself
  • How is your creature friendly to humans  (don’t include ones that are harmful to people)
  • If you could be your creature tell us what would be good and bad about your life.
  • How does your creature help humans?
  • How is your creature beneficial to your garden or backyard?
  • How is your creature different and similar to you?
  • How can you attract more of the creatures to your backyard or garden

You do not need to include everything – these are just ideas to help you.

Closing Date

12 Noon, Wednesday, 29th August


Make sure you complete a registration form by Noon Friday, 24th August (or preferably earlier in August)  and deliver it to PROSPECTS 54, Broadway, Accrington BB5 1EW

Winning entries and a selection of competition entries will be displayed in the PROSPECTS window on Broadway, in albums on the Facebook page and on our website.

Registration Forms HERE